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Pay in seconds in restaurants

Customers can split the bill however they want, add a tip, pay, leave a review in a matter of seconds. That’s more time for your team to focus on delivering excellent service.

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Waiting too long to ask for the bill and again for it to come can be frustrating for your customers.

Give your guests the freedom to pay and easily split their bill as soon as they're ready. Take the pressure off staff & let them focus on providing excellent service

better customer experience

A backend dashboard to manage all your payments, and to collect valuable data that drives business growth

Identify top performing staff members

Analyze guest feedback

Get actionable insights

50% of customers leave a review after paying with Mira. Reply to all your reviews in seconds with a single dashboard.

Boost your reputation

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Do I need QR codes?

Our Pay at Table and Order & Pay solutions require QR codes to function. For Order & Pay, you can choose to have QR codes on each table or have a single QR code that services your whole venue (think billboard sized posters!).

What’s the difference between ‘Scan to Go’ and Click & Collect?

How do I manage Mira on a day-to-day?

Do I need photos for my menu?

How do I place an order with Mira?

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