Modern point of sale for ambitious restaurants

Whether you run a single restaurant, bar, club, cafe, hotel or a chain of venues, enhance your order management and improve your revenue.

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Serve effortlessly, and without a hitch, anywhere.

Sell with ease, from behind the counter

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Take orders at the table, no pen or paper

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Start accepting customer orders online.

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Say goodbye to outdated, unreliable systems. Ditch the old pen and paper methods. With Mira, you've got everything from payment handling and menu oversight to online orders.


  • Disconnect between BOH and FOH
  • Costly mistakes and irritated customers
  • Stressed out staff
  • Mountains of paperwork
  • System downtime = lost sales
  • No deep payments integration
  • Outdated hardware


  • Manage orders, tables, inventory, staff, data, customers.
  • Kitchen display systems to organise orders from anywhere.
  • Real time data to highlight more way to make profits
  • Cloud based with offline capabilities, near perfect up-time
  • Built in payments - amazing for reconciliation & theft prevention
  • Modern hardware

mira is AN ALL-IN-ONE POINT OF SALE system

Manage your floor plan

Manage your floor plan

Keep tabs on all of your tables, create click-and-drag floor plan layouts, with just a few taps.

Advanced reporting

Advanced reporting

Understand your business, from what sells best to when you’re busiest

Boost your customer loyalty

Boost your customer loyalty

Boost customer loyalty with profiles that track purchases and preferences.

Manage your menu in a beat

Manage your menu in a beat

Create and customize your menus from the office, remotely, or directly from your POS.

Trusted by leading restaurants

Optimise your operations

Streamline your operations across various locations, sales channels, and staff to boost both efficiency and profits.

Empower your team

Set staff permissions to control what employees can access.

Manage your menu

Upsell with ease, build and update your menus from anywhere.

Stay on top of inventory

Receive inventory, manage stock, and create purchase orders from a single platform.

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