How to Set Up Your Happy Hour Menu on Mira

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Running happy hour specials at your restaurant? Let's make it easy on Mira!

To create a "Happy Hour" menu with items listed inside it, the prices for these items should be set at zero. Additionally, because you want a clear system to identify these items, a suggestion could be to add “HH” to their names.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown:

Menu Setup:

  1. Create a category on your menu called "Happy Hour"

  2. Set your Happy Hour Items with Zero Prices:

  • List the items you want to include in the Happy Hour category.

  • Add "HH" to the names of these items (e.g., Mojito HH) to separate them from the regular menu items.

  • Set the prices of these Happy Hour items to zero.

Ordering Process:

When a customer comes in and asks for Happy Hour:

  1. Enter "Happy Hour" on the Tab:

  • The waiter opens a new tab for the customer.

  • Adds "Happy Hour" as an item on the tab.

  1. Add Happy Hour Items as Ordered:

  • As the customer orders specific Happy Hour items, the waiter adds them to the tab.

  • Since the prices of these items are already set to zero, the total cost will reflect the Happy Hour pricing.


  • Regular Menu:

  • Mojito: N8.00

  • Margarita: N9.00

  • Happy Hour Menu:

  • Mojito HH: N0.00

  • Margarita HH: N0.00

This system ensures a clear distinction between regular and Happy Hour items, making it easy for the waiter to manage orders and for customers to enjoy their Happy Hour with the correct pricing.