Customers scan the QR code on their table to instantly access a digital menu,‍ they can order and pay for food and beverages on their mobile devices safely and quickly, without waiting for a server.


Pay in seconds in restaurants

Customers only need to whip out their phone, use their camera to scan the QR, tap the link that comes up.

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Delight your guests

When you're busy, struggling to find a waiter can be frustrating for your guests, especially when they're hungry or thirsty.

With Mira's seamless QR order and pay solution, let your customers order whenever they want and enable your staff to focus on building personal interactions.

Increase your revenue

Another way to up-sell to your customers.‍ Tailor your digital menu by the time of the day (breakfast bundle, happy hours,...), add smart recommendations for each dish and increase your average basket by up to 34%.

Know your customers better

Without the right tools, it's almost impossible to know who are the people visiting your restaurant. Are they coming often? What do they usually order?

With Mira, collect valuable data and feedback with every order. Access powerful analytics to serve your customers better.

Guarantee your staff high tips

Retain your staff. Guarantee your team high tips. 22% tip rate for high performing restaurants. Lot’s of customers tip when they have the option to. Mira gives you that.

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