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Turn your social media or website into a selling machine. Let your best customers order directly from Instagram or WhatsApp. Say hello to another direct revenue stream.

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Take direct orders from customers.

Paying high commissions for your loyal customers is painful and hurts your profit margin.

With Mira commission-free ordering from Instagram, WhatsApp or your website, offer your best customers an easy and fast way to order from you directly and reward them for doing so.

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Increase Sales, Not Commission Fees.

Increase your profits

Other delivery platforms take a cut of your sales, so what you charge isn’t what you earn. With Online Ordering, the money you make is all yours.

Boost customer satisfaction

Receive glowing reviews and avoid order issues by ensuring all your orders reach the right hands at the right time.

Sync all orders

Save time and labor costs by directly syncing all your online orders with your existing POS system.



Give customers the convenience to pick up orders in person for free. Flexible settings for fulfillment windows, order schedules, and cut-off times keep your kitchen running smooth.


Personalize your online ordering platform with the ability to set your preferred delivery radius, delivery fees, and fulfillment provider.

Offers discounts

Incentivize your customers to order from you directly and reward their loyalty via digital discounts.


Restaurants that offer delivery increase sales by 93%.

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