How to show your Customers love this Valentine’s

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We all know that times are tough for many people right now. Inflation is at an all-time high, and money is tight. Everyone is keeping a close eye on their purchases and what they spend money on. But three things are constant in life; rain, tax, and people spending money on Valentine’s day.

Where is the love?

February 14th is a day to celebrate love and what better way to show love than food? Valentine’s Day has been putting pressure on lovers and restauranteurs alike for a little over 100 years. What do restauranteurs need to do? Not disappoint, and you’ve held up your end of the deal.

Like most public holidays, Valentine’s is a huge revenue booster for restaurants. From romantic dinners and family dinners, restaurants see traffic on Valentine’s Day that is a multiple of the usual traffic.

Why should you care about Valentine’s?

Apart from the flow of cash it brings, Valentine’s is an opportunity for your restaurant to show what it’s truly made of and all the ways it can deliver a fantastic food experience. A good Valentine’s Day experience sets the tone for repeat customers throughout the year.

Here are five ways you can show your customers love this Valentine’s Day:

  • A Custom Valentine’s menu: Spice up your menu by leaning towards love with the names of your dishes. You could even take it a step further and create special dishes for Valentine’s Day only.

  • Create a Romantic Ambience: As love takes over the globe, your restaurant should also tap into evoking the feeling of romance amongst your customers. Everyone loves love, after all.

  • Make sure the dining experience is as smooth as possible: Every single point in the food journey should feel like it’s out of a fairytale, just like love. From ordering to paying for the food - each step should be as easy as it can be, which it can be, with Mira.

  • Make space for the singles: Singles deserve love too. Even if it’s from restaurants. Keeping a special gift for the singles, in addition to the couples, gives your restaurant a reputation for its customers.

  • Offer a proposal package: For the ones looking to pop the question, curate a package that gives the proposal a little something extra to make it a lot more special. This could apply to both dine-in and to-go guests.

Don’t forget, Valentine’s Day is just the beginning; you should make your customers feel loved every day.

Want to learn more about how you can make your customers feel loved by smoothening their dining experience? Speak to one of our experts on how you can start using Mira now.