Improve your pickup and delivery game with Mira

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As dining evolved, so did how people dined. From going into the restaurant to swinging by to pick up, the ways in which people partake in the food experience has become more catered to diners. Delivery service was one way in which the dining experience changed, the convenience of having your favourite food delivered to your house, or swinging by the restaurant and not having to wait for the kitchen to get your food enamoured diners.

For businesses, it meant they could not be defined by the constraints of distance when it came to serving customers, leading to an expansion of customer base. Dining out has become an option that diners choose more and more and any business worth its salt has cemented it as a strategy for growth.

In this Mira guide, we’ll be walking you through how to optimize your restaurant for growth with Mira’s offerings regarding pickup and delivery.

Your Online Menu;

When diners come to your restaurant, they speak to the staff and can make a decision on what they want to order. Your online menu doesn’t have to be much different, with Mira’s Online Ordering, you can customise your online menu to have the same feel and vibe as your in-person one, with the option to recommend the more popular dish items for people who don’t know what to get.

Set Up a Mira Online Ordering Site;

With a Mira Online Ordering site, your customers can place orders via the internet using a menu you’ve set up and choose either delivery or pick up. When you accept delivery orders through your Mira menu, you save on the commission fees that third-party marketplaces charge.

Improve your Pickup and Delivery Settings

When going online with Mira’s Online Ordering, there are a variety of settings that can make the customer experience even smoother;

  • In-house vs On-Demand delivery: You can choose to deliver orders through your own delivery service or leverage Mira’s On-Demand Delivery, a feature that partners with third-party logistics services to deliver on your behalf. No matter the option you choose, your customers get a seamless dining out experience.

  • Estimated Time: When a customer places an order online, you can automatically inform them of an estimated time in which they can come pick it up, or their order will be delivered to them. This estimated time is calculated based on kitchen prep time, order fulfilment windows, and any other rules you have based on your discretion. You can also allow customers to schedule orders for different times as long as it's within business hours.

Make sure your customers can find your online store easily

When your online store is set up and ready to go, the next step is to make sure your customers know that it is an option - add the link to your socials, your website, and your Google Business profile. Send an email or a text message to already-existing customers to let them know that you now offer delivery and pickup services. Let them know all the benefits of ordering directly instead of third-party sites.

Seasonal Discounts

Holidays, Christmas and Valentine’s are just some of the seasonal discounts you could offer to your customers to keep them coming back for more. You could start running discounts during special seasons to motivate them to order online.

Once you’ve mastered online ordering as a facet of your business, you have opened up another avenue for revenue and to better connect with your customers, and it presents as an opportunity for expansion. To set up Online Ordering on Mira, click here, or contact the Sales team for a custom solution.