Online Ordering: Food from whenever, wherever, to whoever.

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Ordering from ghost kitchens and online restaurants has taken the food experience to another level of comfort. An essential part of the ordering process from ghost kitchens is getting the vendor to confirm your order - and for ghost kitchens available on social media platforms, the dialogue involved makes it stressful for both the vendor and the customer.

That’s where Mira comes in, bringing the magic back into getting your food. Imagine a world where customers effortlessly navigate your website and place orders with a tap. Mira brings this to life. Customer orders are automatically transmitted to your device, taking away the frantic switching between social media apps to reply to messages or missed orders.

Mira is specifically designed to help you optimize your operations; this means seamless integration with delivery companies like Chowdeck and KiaKia if you’d prefer not to use your own delivery service. Mira also allows you to customize your store name, menu and your opening menus just like a brick and mortar restaurant. This flexibility allows you to test different concepts, cater to specific times - say a lunch rush, and maximize your reach without diluting the essence of your brand.

With Mira, you save money on commissions to platforms and take out the stress of order routing and communication, freeing you to focus on what truly matters; making delicious food and delivering exceptional customer service.

Mira’s Online Ordering isn’t just about the orders; you can get insights into your customer’s behaviors, popular dishes, and what times they order the most. This data helps you make decisions on how to optimize your menus, structure your promotions, and predict demand. Helping you deliver the best service to your customers.

With Mira, your food can truly have no bounds, delivering "food from wherever, whenever" – and taking your restaurant to new heights.

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