The Mira Story: Why We Do It

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When you think of food, you often think of an experience, an adventure, a journey. The experience of food outside the comfort of your home has been marred by stress and inefficiencies. The hassle involved in getting food outside your home is enough to reconsider the action itself.

Mira was born out of a need to ease the stress. The Mira mission transcends technology - it’s about redefining experiences and making the food experience as magical as possible.

Why do we do it? At Mira, we dream of a world where every connection, every festival, every meal is a journey of wonder. Whether it’s the energy of a festival that’s intensified by eating a delicious meal, or the absolute magic of eating a new dish, Mira is the embodiment of ease, crafting a space where the focus is the delight of food.

Each part of Mira - the QR Codes, the point-of-sale, and Online Ordering, is designed in a way that emphasizes ease for both the businesses and the customers. With Mira’s QR Code, the ordering process is made easier and smoother; no need to wait in long queues or imagine what the meal looks like.

Mira’s point-of-sale system takes managing orders to the easiest it has ever been, streamlining to the process so the restaurants can focus on making the food and serving the customers.

With Mira’s Direct Order link, the back and forth of ordering online is eliminated, making the interaction easy as pie. Likewise, at festivals, Mira helps everyone focus on having a good time and not worry about what they’re going to eat.

At Mira, we’re all about the food, and the moments surrounding the food. Each meal is elevated by the experience around it and we want to make each one count.