Transitioning to Online Ordering

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The gentle murmur of conversation, the clinking of cutlery and the aroma of freshly made food - these are the hallmarks of a physical restaurant experience. But with the advent of COVID and the increased convenience of ordering online, customers crave the flexibility of getting their favourite meals from the comfort of their homes.

Adding in the option for your customers to order online might seem daunting and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Online Ordering doesn’t mean sacrificing your in-house experience - it means enhancing it by giving your customers an extra option.

And that’s where Mira comes in. We’re not just helping you manage orders; we’re your partners in your journey into digital. Here’s how we can help you transition smoothly and establish your online presence:

Build your Digital Front:

Think of your online menu as an extension of your physical space. Mira allows you to design an online menu that mirrors your in-house one, helping you showcase your meals with clear descriptions and photos. Customize your options - your guests can pick up or have it delivered to them.

Cater to Convenience:

Everyone knows customers love options. Mira allows you to offer flexible delivery and pick-up time slots, including the option for customers to schedule their orders ahead of time. You can also integrate with Chowdeck or a delivery company of your choice. With clear communication amongst delivery partners, Mira helps you ensure that their orders arrive hot and fresh.

Loyalty Matters:

Rewarding your customers goes a long way. Mira helps you integrate loyalty programs into your online store - offering exclusive discounts and promotions to keep them coming back for more.

Feedback is Your Friend:

Mira helps you continuously gather feedback from your customers - data that helps you refine your menu, identify areas for improvement, and help you personalize the dining experience for future visits, both online and in person.

Transitioning doesn't happen overnight. Start small, experiment, and learn along the way. With the right tools and support, you can create a thriving online presence that complements your existing brick-and-mortar experience, reaching new customers and boosting your revenue.

Ready to get started? Let Mira help you build your "Clicks and Mortar" success story together! Speak to our expert today.