We're Live: Mira is officially out of Beta

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The Mira dream was simple: help restaurants serve their customers better as easily as possible. We believe that home away from home should be easy and stress-free. The hospitality industry is marred with unnecessary stress, and we believe we can change it. And we did; Mira evolved with it, but the dream stayed the same.

Mira in Beta

We started out with QR Codes to help customers scan the menu, order and pay for their food without hassle. Soon enough, we discovered that helping the customer side wasn’t enough, the back of the restaurant was what made the front side run smoother, so we created the Mira point-of-sale to help restaurants effectively manage their orders and tables. 

With time, Online Ordering for ghost kitchens and restaurants that made deliveries went live, bringing the Mira suite to an end-to-end system that helped both customers and businesses run much smoother.

Mira expanded to include lounges and hotels, with the services that Mira offered translating easily to these locations and their customers.

A surprising extension of Mira's capabilities came in the form of festivals and large events. We tailored Mira to meet the unique needs of festival-goers, organisers, and vendors, simplifying their food-related concerns. 

We debuted Mira at Eat Drink Lagos 2023 and experienced Mira being used in real-time by people. It was one thing to see statistics and reports from restaurants, but Eat Drink Lagos showed us how Mira’s customers on both sides interacted with Mira and each other. It was an eye-opening experience with Mira experiencing an insane number of transactions at once that led to a situation we hadn’t envisioned. Vend proved to be a hit, helping customers order and eat with ease. 

We’ve had incredible help.

We're deeply thankful for the backing of our investors and partners, who have fueled the remarkable journey we've embarked on. Notable supporters include Microtraction, HoaQ, among others, alongside key partners like Paystack and Patronize.

Mira’s Future

Going live with Mira doesn’t change the fact that the dream stays the same - we’re hoping to make dining and hospitality easier and hassle-free. 

Mira’s mission is to transform the hospitality industry by making it customer-centric. Everything Mira does is to make it easier for businesses to serve their customers.

Secondly, we aim to evolve industry standards.  We're convinced that the food businesses of tomorrow need to adopt the practices of tomorrow. Our goal is to collaborate with the most ambitious businesses in our sector to elevate how everyone approaches the management of orders and customer relationships. Mira will embody these practices, enhancing operations, reducing unnecessary loss, and refocusing efforts on impactful work.