Why your small restaurant needs a Point of sale

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Harried waiters, disgruntled customers waiting for their food and a constant back-and-forth between the people taking orders and the kitchen. That’s a typical picture of a restaurant with operational inefficiencies.

Enter the point-of-sale system, software and hardware that allows you to simplify your restaurant’s operations and communications to improve the service provided.

A point-of-sale system often involves software that helps your staff take orders, generate bills and receipts, process sales, and track sales and inventory; It also involves hardware like printers and scanners to help print receipts.

How does a point-of-sale system work:

Point-of-sale software helps you to take orders, process payments and keep track of what is being sold. When people make their orders, you input their orders on the point-of-sale, this order goes to the kitchen or bar through a Kitchen Display System, removing the need for your waiters to go to the kitchen to confirm an order.

Payments are processed through the point-of-sale system making it easier to generate bills and receipts.

Some point-of-sale systems also integrate with an inventory management system that helps you keep track of the items in your kitchen. When you make a sale, the point-of-sale system deducts the number of items from your inventory, keeping it up to date.

Having a point-of-sale system frees you from the stress of operations and allows you to focus on providing excellent food and service.

Why you should have a point-of-sale system in your restaurant:

  • To save time: With a point-of-sale system, you can take orders and payments easily to save time and reduce errors.

  • Better Customer Experience: With a point-of-sale system, you give your customers quicker and more efficient service, giving them a five-star dining experience.

  • Sell more: Saving time and reducing errors means faster table turnovers, and more customers coming in.

When we think of point-of-sale devices, we often think of iPads and huge screens because that is what many of us use in our everyday lives. However, point-of-sale systems don’t have to be over-complicated and take up new screens, with Mira’s software, you can install the point-of-sale on your waiter’s device and have a device just for the counter.