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We're Live: Mira is officially out of Beta

From a simple dream to ease the stress in dining out transformed into a revolution in hospitality. Mira's future is about transforming hospitality, making it customer-centric, and shaping industry standards for a seamless and impactful experience

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The Mira Story: Why We Do It

Mira is an order management system that helps culinary businesses manage orders and give the best experience to their customers. Mira was born out of a need to make dining wonderful. With Mira, every step is an adventure, from the process to the bite.

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Mira at Festivals; The Unlikely Order Management Story.

Say goodbye to queues, food disappointments, and order mix-ups. Mira puts the festival experience in your hands, transforming every moment into a hassle-free, culinary delight. Elevate your festivity – Mira, where ease meets excitement.

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